Circle. Circle. Dot. Dot.  Aimee Alexander likes to color a lot.  Each design is drawn with a ruler, a circle template, a handful of markers, and an insane number of dots.

Every design is available as prints, cards, necklaces, and more!  shop online!  All products are made in the studio by Aimee.  Greeting cards are printed locally and packaged in studio.  

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At three months old Aimee traced the pattern of her grandmother's shirt with her tiny finger.  At age twelve Aimee attended a friend's graduation from Fashion Design school in San Francisco and discovered the world of art and design. 

After graduating Sacramento State with a BA in Studio Art Aimee moved from the tiny town of Cool, CA to the equally small town of Crockett, CA. She worked for a jewelry manufacturing company in Emeryville for several years before returning to Cool, CA to start Artisticle.

About Aimee

  • Artisticle is moving to Berkeley CA!  Please sign up for updates below, so you can be part of the grand re-opening in 2019!

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