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All designs are drawn with a handful of markers, a ruler, a circle template, and an insane number of dots.  Each piece is 18" x 24" mounted to wood with a clear coating to prevent damage and fading.  Please contact for purchase information.

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About Aimee Alexander

At 3 months old Aimee traced the pattern of her Grandmother's shirt with her tiny finger.  At age 12 she discovered the magical world of art and design on a trip to San Francisco to see a friend graduate from design school.  This is when she decided she was going to move to the San Francisco Bay Area and become an artist when she grew up.  After graduating Sacramento State with a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art she packed her bags and moved to the bay!  

by: aimee alexander


  1. Are these digital? Nope!  100% drawn by hand.
  2. How long does each drawing take?  10-12 hours.
  3. How many Sharpies do you go through? A LOT!